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© 2018 Lucas Spinosa Campaign Team. Welland, Ontario.

10 /22 /2018





Projects, Business, & Successes:

FEAST st. Niagara

15,000 + Attendees
2 New Businesses Downtown
Brought Positive Economic Growth
2 Presentations To Council

Annual Canal Clean

270 + Wellanders Came Together Over 3 Years
Collected 20 Tonnes Of Waste
1 Presentation To Council

Welland Coffee Club

50 + Attendees On First Gathering
100's Of Positive Ideas Gathered
Waste Receptacles Placed Along WRC
Bringing Way-Finding Signs to Welland
Creators of BubbleFest (More Below)

Black Sheep Lounge

3 Years Of Business In Welland
Community Hub
Over $26,000 Raised For Charities
#1 Restaurant In Welland (TripAdvisor)
Business Excellence Award 2017 (WPCC)
Best Venue Award 2017 (NMA)
Showcased 150 + Welland Artists


(Former Chair of Marketing, Events, & Promotions- 2 Years)
Rebranding Downtown (Bike Racks, Waste Receptacles, Banners, etc.)
FEAST st. Niagara 2017
Canada Day
Santa Clause Parade
Tragically Hip Screening
Welland Supper Markets


Brought 100's of Families Downtown
100% Free Event (Supported by Sponsors)
Engaged Over a Dozen Volunteers
Welland Coffee Club's Inaugural Event

"COFFEE CLUB OFF TO a running start"

"The Welland You've Been Waiting For"

I firmly believe that the key to Welland's success comes in the shape of community. People hold all of the power to bring Welland to it's fullest potential, and if you invest in me, power is what I will offer you. I've spent the past 3 years building a business, in which the sole purpose is to serve the community that supports it. When Wellanders tell me about the city that they remember, it always includes a vibrant downtown full of business, a utilized canal, and people who loved the city they lived in. The good thing is that this isn't just a distant memory. I have a hunger for positive change, a pro-small business mindset, and a proven track record of action. I am not coming to you with promise, but with devotion. I've done it, and will do it again. Imagine what we can do together. Help me achieve the "Welland you've been waiting for!". 

Invest In Small Business

Waterway & Active Tourism

Find Efficiencies in Water/ Wastewater

Events For Wellanders

Regional Connectivity

Age-Friendly, Year Round Events

Ask Lucas A Question, Request A Lawn Sign, Volunteer!